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Donovan Whistler

Donovan Whistler

Donovan is currently a board of directors’ member of the Sunshine Coast Community Solar Association and is known for his participation in BC Hydro pilot projects such as grid load management, EV charging, and residential energy (battery) storage. Over the past ten years Donovan has been focussing on moving himself and his family off fossil fuel dependency as much as possible, and thus embracing electric vehicles, solar PV, battery storage and ground source heat pump upgrades. Essentially, moving to a net zero energy lifestyle for both transportation and the built environment. He has been following closely developments related to the built environment and to green building design such as Passivhaus and the BC Energy Step Code. Donovan believes that there is room for better integration of such programs with green energy technologies such as battery storage, solar PV, EVs and with technologies such as vehicle-to-grid (V2G/X).


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