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Ian Graham

Ian Graham

Founding Member, Waterloo Region Electric Vehicle Association
Ian Graham is a founding member of the Waterloo Region Electric Vehicle Association with over 500 members and has enjoyed a consistent record of largest attendance at their National Drive Electric Week in Canada for the last 7+ years. Ian has been involved with renewables for over 20 years when his parents in 1998 ran their off grid cabin with a waterfall microhydro system that perked his interest. Since then he has done numerous solar projects including converting a 21’ gas pontoon boat to operate on solar electric, Two 10KW microFIT installations, a recent 5.3KW solar pergola on a property in Mexico and upgrading the cabin to operate fully on solar. In 2007 he ran a GMC 3500 diesel van on waste veg oil for 8 years but has now driven electric vehicles for over 7 years. In his professional career, Ian owns and operates his off grid recording studio (, performs with numerous music groups, has been a church organist for 35+ years (he holds a degree in pipe organ and music composition), and teaches audio recording production to university/college institutions. He also is a huge fan of the best Canadian band RUSH with a homage to them by naming his Model 3 on twitter as @redbartesla


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