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Jordan Fisher

Jordan Fisher

Chief Decarbonization Officer, FRESCo

Jordan is the Chief Decarbonization Officer (CDO) for FRESCo Building Efficiency. For the last 18 years his career has been focused on improving energy efficiency and reducing emissions from residential and commercial buildings. As part of this work he has played a leading role in many important heat pump projects. This includes large scale new residential construction, review of installation practices across BC, and the development of standards and best practices for heat pump installations. He has also supported heat pump retrofit projects for heating, hot water, and ventilation systems in multi-family and commercial buildings. Jordan was a Senior Advisor on MURB Electrification Studies and is currently leading a pilot project in Vancouver involving heat pump retrofits in market rentals. Jordan is also the Chair of the Building to Electrification Coalition (B2E) Technical Committee, which supports a wide range of electrification initiatives with a large focus on heat pumps.

Jordan is interested in all manner of electric solutions for today’s challenges. In 2008 he built an electric recumbent bike for work commuting. In 2009 he moved into an all-electric home which he recently upgraded to improve efficiency and add EV charging through the use of an intelligent load management system that prevented the need for an electrical service upgrade.



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