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Robby Safrata

Robby Safrata

Chief Executive, Coast to Coast Experiences and Novex Delivery Solutions
Robby Safrata, is a Vancouver CEO of two social purpose and climate leading companies: Novex Delivery Solutions and Coast to Coast Experiences. As a purpose driven CEO, he was recognized for climate action by the Globe and Mail stating, “You won’t find a greener chief executive officer than Robert Safrata.” Whether I am working in the transportation space or building an international tourism company, by focusing on the triple bottom line, I ensure environmental and social responsibility are cornerstones of the businesses. Robby is a passionate leader in the green space, leading key conversations at events, conferences, and on podcasts. He is also the host of CEOs & Self Driving Cars, a podcast focused on adding some visibility and fun in the green space by interviewing their interviewees in a “self-driving” Tesla.


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