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Vince Percy

Vince Percy

Director of Operations , HaiSea Marine

Having grown up in a small fishing town and subsequently entering the field of marine engineering, Vince has been involved in the maritime industry for his whole life. Over the years, he sailed on many different types of ships, progressing from a cadet to a chief engineer. More recently, he has been fortunate to oversee the construction of two dual-fuel LNG battery hybrid ferries. Following the vessels’ successful entry into service, Vince joined HaiSea Marine as Director of Operations. In his current role, he is responsible for operational readiness, including business startup activities, integration of shared services, contractual compliance, and the steerage of the company's start-up plans.

What he finds most interesting about the industry is the variety of challenges and opportunities. Originally, Vince decided to become a marine engineer because it is such a multi-dimensional job. At a minimum, sailing engineers must have some level proficiency in welding, firefighting, first aid, technical writing, and analytical analysis. In moving to a management position, he has discovered a new and exciting level of job diversity within the industry. Vince enjoys the many aspects of leadership and business decision making, especially when they can be linked to the experience he has accumulated over his entire life.



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